Osaka Night Tour

Get to know local food and culture in Osaka on an immersive and exciting night tour!

You may have heard that Osaka is the foodie capital of Japan, but it is also known as the city with the most outgoing locals! With your fluent English and Japanese speaking guide, you’ll explore two of Osaka’s most interesting and vibrant neighborhoods, Tenma and Kyobashi.

What's so special about Osaka?

Long before Tokyo’s future was a twinkle in some samurai’s eyes (we know who that samurai is, but in Osaka we don’t care for him very much), Osaka was the bustling industrial and trade capital of Japan. To this day, Osaka retains its merchant culture. We’ll let that euphemism hang in the air a bit, but it should be said that the Tokyo people often consider Osaka people to be rather gauche. To which Osaka people say, “Who cares about Tokyo?”

On this evening, you’ll get to visit three different restaurants. Some may have seats, others may be at “standing bars,” which are really like the Japanese version of a tapas bar, with an emphasis on made-to-order food. They are convivial, genuine, and promise to be memorable. And since we visit three different restaurants, you’ll get to try many, many dishes. At least 10. You want more? We’ll make it happen. We’ll also keep you as lubricated as you desire.

A night of just food and grog alone would be pretty good, but we sweeten the deal by spending half the time exploring these neighborhoods by foot. We don’t walk long distances, and the reason we walk is that these neighborhoods are so old that cars can’t fit or are largely not allowed on the tiny streets! So by foot we go, checking out how locals shop for food, gamble (but not officially), and so much more. At the end of the night, we hope you’ll agree with us that Osaka is the best city in Japan!! Or at least you will stroke our ego with such words.

Tour Details

Duration: About 3 hours.

Location : The historic Tenma and Kyobashi neighborhoods.

Meeting Place: You’ll be met by an English speaking guide at your hotel or requested location and transferred by private car.

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