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Luxury Travel Japan, run by bespoke travel specialist Mari Nozu, focuses only on Japan, and only on you. We handpick the best experiences, much of which is not accessible to foreign tourists through mainstream channels — all of what you want, and none of what you don’t. There are the beauty and majesty of Japan waiting to be enjoyed. You will experience all Japan has to offer without impediment and traverse the country in comfort. For you, discerning traveler, there is no bridge too far, desire too trivial, or experience out of reach. We have prepared a host of suggested itineraries for your consideration and inspiration, but all trips can be modified to best suit your needs.


Luxury Travel Japan in Kyoto
"In the 30 or so days spent in Japan we had no hiccups or problems of any kind. Everything was just perfect." Paolo Mascagni
"My grand tour of Japan was more than just a vacation: every day was a masterpiece—a living work of art." Tamaron Greene

Model Itineraries ― can be modified to best suit your needs

Classic & Modern Tokyo: 6 days

Exploring Japan's capital city

For most of our visitors, just hearing the word “Tokyo” conjures up a treasure trove of imagery. Tokyo is full of charms both old and new…

Central & Western Honshu: 14 days

featuring Hiroshima, Tokyo & more

Your luxury tour begins in Tokyo before heading to Hiroshima via timeless attractions like Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Osaka, and…

Kyoto, Kobe, Nara: 6 days

The World Heritage Special

Kyoto and Nara are together the world’s most culturally rich cities, with 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, more than 1600 Buddhist…

Central & Western Honshu: 12 days

featuring Wakayama, Kyoto & more

Your tour begins in Tokyo. From there, you head to ancient, sacred villages and cities like Shirakawa-go, Koyasan, Kyoto, and more.

Kumano Kodo: 5 days

Hike an ancient pilgrimage trail

Kumano Kodo is a mystical place of nature and worship. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004 as part of the pilgrimage paths…

Okinawa Islands Adventure: 7 days

Japan's Southernmost Resort

Okinawa is located at the southernmost section of Japan’s large archipelago. Though remote, the gorgeous islands of Okinawa are undeniably…