Onsen and Japan's ancient culture of bathing

Onsen Ryokan
Out-door Onsen in your room of ryokan, Kumanokodo

I have heard that Onsen (“hot springs” in English) can be found by drilling any place in Japan. Japan, a country with many volcanoes, has over 2,000 hot springs.

The Japanese are well-known for their enjoyment of Onsen bathing and frequently take short trips to hot springs for days at a time.

Hot spring water has a temperature of 25 degrees Centigrade (77 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher and contains various minerals and natural gases.

Hot spring bathing is an effective treatment for many chronic diseases such as rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, and hypertension.

Out door onsen in the river
Ont-door Onsen in the Takara-gawa River Onsen, Minakami

For this reason, hot springs have been utilized since ancient times for hydrotherapy for such chronic diseases. Nowadays, however, hot springs have developed into large-scale resorts equipped with modern facilities.

People generally visit Onsen to relax and stay for a few days while enjoying the hot baths. Many people like to bathe outdoors. This makes the outdoor baths, which are called rotemburo in Japanese, very popular. These outdoor baths are very different from modern bathing facilities.

Let’s enjoy hot springs Japanese-style on holiday in Japan!