How To Get The Most Out Of Tokyo

Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower

The number of foreign travelers in Tokyo, the largest and most exciting metropolitan area in the world, has rapidly increased in recent years. 

In a 2013 annual report, to the question of what foreign tourists did while they were in Japan, those who answered “eat Japanese food” (96.6%) and “go shopping” (77.2%) were the largest in number.

Meanwhile, looking at their satisfaction with what they did, those who answered “experience the lifestyle of Japan” (70%) and “experience the history and traditional culture of Japan” (67.9%) dominated. 

In terms of what they want to do if they visit Japan again, those who answered “eat Japanese food” (47%) were the largest number.

There are so many interesting cultural activities in Tokyo that I strongly recommend. Whether you want to experience Japanese traditional culture or eat ‘til you drop, we have you covered. Read on to learn about some of our best dining and cultural experience offers in Tokyo.

Japanese Food Cooking Experience Tour

Sushi Making Experience

Considering the above reports, Tokyo is the best destination for foreign tourists. In Tokyo, you can do everything associated with Japan. The possibilities are endless. 

Since eating Japanese food is at the top of most tourists’ lists, we offer a comprehensive Japanese Food Cooking Experience Tour.

In fact, Japanese food, aka washoku, was added to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list in 2014!

We have many options for your cooking experience, so please check out the experience page to learn more. 

Koto and Shamisen Experience

Traditional Instrument Koto Experience Tour

We offer an experience of playing the traditional instruments of the Koto and Shamisen while wearing a Kimono or Yukata (depending on the season). It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience.

You can hear as well as play traditional Japanese music together in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The experience is enhanced by wearing a Kimono and playing the Koto at the same time.

Check out our Traditional Instrument Tour page to learn more.

Geisha & Restaurant With Michelin Stars Tour

Meeting a real Geisha in a traditional Japanese restaurant is a wonderful and unique opportunity. It is very rare even for Japanese people to have the experience since the world of Geisha is very exclusive. You can see Geisha in only a few special restaurants in the Geisha districts of Tokyo.

We invite you to a traditional Japanese Michelin-starred restaurant with fine Japanese Kaiseki cuisine. The meal is accompanied by a Geisha dancing to Shamisen music played live by another Geisha.

Take a look at our Geisha Experience page for more information.

Geisha asobi experience

Tokyo is full of charms and promises a fun visit. We will arrange the best of Tokyo’s hotels, restaurants, sights, and shops just for you. Create your customized luxury holiday in Tokyo today!

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