Summer is the best season for festivals all over Japan. Probably it’s because this is the holiday season for most of the schools; the farmers have a short break before the harvest season begins and it is too hot to work anyway.


The fireworks we see at these festivals are really magnificent and we often hear people exclaiming with surprise at the great explosions and lights. We all should go out and see these wonderful exhibitions that the city is giving us.


In Japan, we have the Bon Celebration in August. This is one of the biggest and most important festivals throughout Japan. Everyone usually goes back to their home and join in the celebrations. During the Obon Festival, the dead relatives are supposed to comeback home for a visit. There are welcoming and departure ceremonies.


It is a very hot season, but the festival is very nice and just right for the children and young people to have a wonderful time listening, watching, eating and playing.


It would be nice to visit a small town and enjoy a small town festival to appreciate the culture. It would help you to become more international.
This is the season of festivals. Let’s enjoy them.


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