Edamame, A Popular And Healthy Japanese Snack

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After the rainy season each June, a hot and humid summer comes to Japan.

Rooftop beer gardens open during the summer period in cities and on every table is a bowl of Edamame, the most popular food to pair with beer during the sweltering Japanese summer.

The history and benefits of one of Japan’s favorite snacks

Edamame in home garden

Edamame was first cultivated in China 4000 years ago.

Edamame always seemed so common to me that I never thought about the food’s benefits until edamame became very popular in Western countries. 

Edamame is a wonderful food with lots of benefits, including vitamin B1 which promotes alcohol metabolism and choline which improves the function of the liver so that it is effective in preventing hangovers. No wonder it goes so well with beer!

In addition, edamame helps gastrointestinal activity and fatigue recovery, so it is good for summer weariness. 

Edamame was already being eaten during the Nara period (710-714) in Japan as nutritional support for summer. This means ancient people already knew about the benefits of edamame! I am really amazed at and respect my ancestors for their wisdom.

Edamame is good for dieting as the choline in edamame increase fat burning and lecithin eases the removal of extra fat. Vegetable fiber cures constipation and saponin blocks the absorption of fat.

Here are some ways to eat edamame as an effective means of dieting:

-Include edamame in your regular diet

-Only edamame at one of your thrice daily meals

-Reduce the amount of food intake by eating edamame before meals

-Eat edamame as a snack instead of another high calorie food

If you are interested, come to Japan and try it! Spend your summer vacation at a beer garden with us.