Bonsai Village


My father has been doing Bonsai for over 30 years. He also stared to do the pottery just after the Bonsai to make the pots for his Bonsai. After the retirement, he spends time in his garden almost all day long to look after his plants.

About 20 years ago I was with my family in a souvenir shop in Venice, Italy. A shop owner came to me and asked about “Akadama”. I had a no idea about Akadama. I asked my father if he knew about and he said “Oh, wow !” as he was amazed to hear this word in Venice and then explained to me that Akadama was the soil for Bonsai specially pine trees etc. The owner did some questions about his Bonsai to my father enthusiastically. I thought “how international Bonsai became” looking over my father and Italian man speaking about Bonsai.

Are you interested in Bonsai? If so, you must visit the famous Bonsai Village in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture. (Travel Time: 30 min from Tokyo by bullet train)

Bonsai Village

Omiya Bonsai Village was established in 1925.

A group of professional bonsai gardeners from Tokyo immigrated to this land after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, in search of spacious land, fresh air and suitable for making bonsai.

Upon its founding, the village had four residence requirements: 1. Possession of 10 or more bonsai 2. Agreeing to open their gardens to the public 3. No two-story houses 4. The use of hedges as live fencing The calm scenery of Omiya Bonsai Village has been preserved since the time it was established.

Visit the Bonsai Gardens in the Village

There are various kinds of plants in the gardens, such as coniferous trees, deciduous trees and accessory plants, which are used for bonsai. Different bonsai are created through the skillful work and the aesthetic sense of the bonsai master engaged in the creation of those bonsai. There are five bonsai gardens in Omiya Bonsai Village, and you can enjoy various bonsai created based on each owner’s feelings.

Bonsai Village

Omiya Bonsai Art Museum

An excellent addition to the village in 2010 was the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, which educates visitors about the various aspects of bonsai. English audio guides and well written English descriptions explain clearly how to appreciate the art form and highlight key points to take note of. The museum also exhibits the various styles of bonsai and accompanying elements such as pots and stones. It will also entail the systematic collection and publishing of documents related to the history and folklore of Bonsai.

Omiya Bonsai Festival

The Omiya Bonsai Festival is held on May 3-5 every year, when it bustles with the many bonsai lovers who gather there from throughout the country. It is also visited by many bonsai lovers from overseas as the worldwide mecca of bonsai.

Bonsai Village

The Bonsai Convention April (Thu) 27 – 30 (Sun) 2017

The 1st World Bonsai Convention was held in Saitama City, Omiya in April 1989. At those time, international Bonsai convention had been held enthusiastically, but it was first that opened in far eastern and also called on the world to participate. The number of 1200 audiences (700 from overseas) that participated in the convention was the largest ever. The convention is held once every four years, and it has taken on a role spread of bonsai culture and international exchange.


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