A Happy New Year! What is Hatsumode?

The Sunrise and Mt. Fuji viewed from Lake Yamanaka
The Sunrise and Mt. Fuji viewed from Lake Yamanaka

It was customary to spend New Year’s holidays at home long ago. However, the railway companies devised “Hatsumode” to worship at major temples, such as Kawasakidaishi in Kawasaki and Naritasan in Narita, as a campaign in 1899 to increase the number of customers.

Nowadays, it’s almost like a traditional practice.

Now, it is the third year since COVID 19. At this point, the 6th wave of Omicron strains has begun to rage. Although boosters have started in some countries already, boosters are scheduled to commence after spring in Japan, so the number of infected people would inevitably increase until then. If the number of people who have been vaccinated boosters reaches 70-80%, let’s say around June, it may be settled gradually.

Suppose the above scenario were to occur in Japan. In that case, we could expect Japan to start accepting foreign tourists in August at the earliest and in October at the latest.

During these years, new services and activities are being prepared for foreign tourists in each tourist destination in Japan. In addition to Japan’s popular destination called the Golden Route, remote areas such as the Tohoku region and Shikoku Island are likely to become popular. So, please look forward to them.

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Nakamise Shopping Street
In Tokyo, during the first three days of the New Year, 3.1 million people visit Meiji Jingu Shrine, while 10 million people visit throughout the year. 2.8 million people visit Sensoji Temple during the first three days of the year.

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