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The Musashi Clan Ninja Warrior

The legacy of Shibata Family

Suzak, (Vanessa),
Representative The Musashi clan

Till about a decade ago, I didn’t know very much about my grandfather. I just knew him as a retired officer from the Salvation Army. But after his 50th memorial, my father revealed to me very amazing histories of my grandfather and my onmitsu ancestors who worked for the Tokugawas in Edo.

What is “NINJA”?

Our ancestors made efforts for peace-keeping in the country, so we feel it our mission to work for the same cause. Thus we have begun our activities to build a bridge for international friendship by introducing the fundamental spirit of our shinobi culture and offer some programs to entertain friends from abroad. We think it means a lot to both, our guests and ninjas to have an opportunity for cultural exchange.

Then, my father revealed to me that my grandfather was the head of shinobi assassins till 80 years ago. My mother knew it, too, but she kept her mouth shut for so many years! But the time came, at last. All the pieces came to fit in my puzzle. My ancestors, my grand father, and my father’s workshop. Everything was prepared before I knew. My father said it’s OK to talk about our linage, as over 50 years have passed since my grandfather passed away.

The family legacy and good part of the tradition have to continue. In my generation, the family knowledge is going to serve for international friendship and understanding. And we have decided to commit ourselves to introducing small ryuha schools, the legacies of which the public does not notice, otherwise.

My father and Kazuchika have assimilated a lot of things into our family martial arts. We have named ours Keishin-ryu Heiho. The ninpo-taijutsu part was named Musashi-ryu, as my great grand father was called Musashi-person in the Japanese Wikipedia. Also, it is a bit easier for the people from other ryuhas to collaborate with us, as everybody is a Musashi-ryu shinobi here.

If any of you come to our dojo in Tokyo. You’ll see some of the nimpo taijutsu based on my samurai-ninja weaponsmith family legacy of 420 years. We’ll show the very basic, some of what we show to the novices in our dojo, which is perhaps enough for the general public who want to get a glimpse of our legacy. The people will know that there are still shinobi, today.

Please tell us what you are interested in and we can arrange for the type of experience you want. For people who want to get a general view of ninpo- taijutstu, the program can include shintai-sohsa training in which you learn to make better use of white mustles, etc, and this does not require martial art skills, so no jumping or rolling or striking is necessary.
After a session with their ninjashu, we hope you will have a bit deeper insight into their legacies and traditions.

Course A:

Duration: 1.5 hours
Minimum and max number of participants: 1 ~ 4
Location: Tokyo
Meet and see you off at: Your hotel or requested place within central Tokyo

Course B:

Duration: 4 hours
Minimum and max number of participants: 2 ~ 4
Location: Tokyo
Meet and see you off at: Your hotel of requested place within central Tokyo

Price includes transfers, car/driver, English-speaking guide, specialized field guide, activities and entrance fees, Travel Insurance,  while touring.

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